Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Dog's Life

I am so excited because this Friday, I get to make a cake for my friend's beloved dog, Puchi.  His birthday, actually, was last Tuesday (he just turned 5), but since I've been busy at work I didn't have time to do it.  Bad Tita!

Awww, admit it.  You love that face already!  That's his new best friend by the way.  So anyway, I made a sketch of the design I'm going to do, with the help of my trustee creative sidekick: my Galaxy Note II; no I am not affiliated with Samsung, I just love my phone.  I brainstormed at first with these in my head: loves his toys, protective, and territorial, loves his momma (my friend), and is allergic to some meat, and a bit spoiled; in other words, a Prince. :)

Birthday Cake Idea

So anyway, I've also decided to bake Puchi the cake of his life: Dog Friendly Red Velvet Cake.  Nope, there will be no chocolate in that cake; but something that is actually supposedly a lot healthier than cocoa powder: Carob Powder. No, it is not made with chemicals or artificial crap, it's actually from a plant; hence the word healthy.  But anyway, more on that later. 

This will be my first time using this ingredient for a Red velvet Cake so I hope it turns out well; I often use Green & Blacks and Valrhona.... Mmm, yum. Oh!  They are sooo good.. Sorry, chocogasm. Haha.

Excited! So stay tuned!  Make sure you come and check out my blog this weekend for the unveiling.  

By the way, has anyone ever tried with Carob Powder instead of Cocoa Powder?  If so, how was it? Good? Bad? Complicated? And what did it taste like?  I've only had Carob Chips when I buy Frozen Yogurt and I think they are pretty good.  Let me know what you think! :)

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