Saturday, December 1, 2012

Birthday Puchi Dog

So yesterday, I baked a cake for my friend's dog, Puchi.  I used carob powder instead of cocoa powder because we all know that dogs are highly allergic to chocolate.  

Please excuse the bad picture;  I took this at night so the lighting sucks.

I did try the cake and it turned out well indeed; it was soft, moist, and delicious.  I could tell a slight difference; cocoa powder is earthy, and have a deeper and richer flavour, whereas carob powder is mild, sweet, woody, and a little bit floral. 

Please stop torturing me with pictures! I wants food!
I wouldn't mind using it at all in baking because it is delicious in a Red Velvet Cake. Puchi gave it his stamp of approval! Gave him 3 small slices and wanted some more; we had to stop right there because too much of anything is not good for anyone after all. Hehe.

That would be me serving the birthday boy.
What say you? Have you tried baking with Carob Powder?

100 Days Celebration

This cake was the very first cake I made for my friend, Nancy over at alifedesigned.  This also was the first time I made cakepops! I was so happy because I actually managed to pull it off. I thought for one second that I was going to horribly fail at it. But I didn't so horray for me!  Anyway, Nancy told me that they want a cake that would represent her Korean family's background, and also her brother-in-law's Chinese background. 

Mashimaro (Korean) and Pucca (Chinese)

I asked myself how I could do it without me going over board with symbols.  I did a couple of sketches and went with the second one, since the first one was too busy. 

Birthday Party Decor by Nancy

I tend to favour minimalist cake design because I am a minimalist.  But of course there are times when I do appreciate more; they just need to have the right balance.

What type of design do you favour most?

For more information on this party and for other cool ideas please go and check out fancy Nancy's awesome blog: alifedesigned.

Until then! Ciao! And I hope you're having a great weekend! xoxo

Friday, November 30, 2012

Charmed by Sweets Logo

Last year, I felt like my blog needed a logo; so I made one.  I don't quite remember how I came up with it; all I know was that I needed a logo that would define my blog; one that I could potentially use in the future if I ever start my own bakery business.  I love retro stuff so here's what I came up with.

It's icing with a cherry on top; in case you were wondering.  What do you guys think?  I really want to start my own business but I am scared at the same time.  I want a bakery, a bakery with a vintage feel.  Anyway, if there's any one out there in Marketing reading this right now, please let me know what you think? Haha. And thanks for stopping by! xoxo

Optimus Prime Cake

Transform and Roll Out!

I did this cake last year when my friend Nancy, approached me to make a cake for her Nephew. She told me he loves Optimus Prime so I brainstormed as usual and searched for inspiration online.  I might have looked at a couple hundred pictures online before I found the one that I thought would make a great example. I just love making figurines; that sculpting class back in highschool really helped a lot!

I am Optimus Prime!

I remember running back to Michaels on the day it was due to get a second batch of fondant because I ruined the first one as it didn't want to adhere to the cake that I made; I made chocolate icing that solidified in the fridge which gave me so much trouble the following day. I guess I added too much melted chocolate to the buttercream icing. Woops.

I managed to finish the cake so I was happy; I could have added more to the design if I didn't run into that problem! I'm pretty happy with how Optimus Prime turned out though; that alone took me 2 hours to make. Hehe. :)

If I were to do this cake again, I definitely would.  I'd make a few changes here and there; maybe add a Yellow VW (Bumble Bee) car strolling on the first tier.  Buuut, let's save that for a different event. :)

Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Dog's Life

I am so excited because this Friday, I get to make a cake for my friend's beloved dog, Puchi.  His birthday, actually, was last Tuesday (he just turned 5), but since I've been busy at work I didn't have time to do it.  Bad Tita!

Awww, admit it.  You love that face already!  That's his new best friend by the way.  So anyway, I made a sketch of the design I'm going to do, with the help of my trustee creative sidekick: my Galaxy Note II; no I am not affiliated with Samsung, I just love my phone.  I brainstormed at first with these in my head: loves his toys, protective, and territorial, loves his momma (my friend), and is allergic to some meat, and a bit spoiled; in other words, a Prince. :)

Birthday Cake Idea

So anyway, I've also decided to bake Puchi the cake of his life: Dog Friendly Red Velvet Cake.  Nope, there will be no chocolate in that cake; but something that is actually supposedly a lot healthier than cocoa powder: Carob Powder. No, it is not made with chemicals or artificial crap, it's actually from a plant; hence the word healthy.  But anyway, more on that later. 

This will be my first time using this ingredient for a Red velvet Cake so I hope it turns out well; I often use Green & Blacks and Valrhona.... Mmm, yum. Oh!  They are sooo good.. Sorry, chocogasm. Haha.

Excited! So stay tuned!  Make sure you come and check out my blog this weekend for the unveiling.  

By the way, has anyone ever tried with Carob Powder instead of Cocoa Powder?  If so, how was it? Good? Bad? Complicated? And what did it taste like?  I've only had Carob Chips when I buy Frozen Yogurt and I think they are pretty good.  Let me know what you think! :)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Golf Cake

I did this cake a few months ago, and it was for Oliver's (my boyfriend) brother's boss at work.  The cake was actually baked by Oliver's mom, and I did the decorating.

I'm not excellent at making figurines or making cakes, but I think I'm not too shabby; I could use some polishing though.  I guess practise makes perfect, eh?

At the moment, I think I am more comfortable at making edible figurines and working with fondant or gumpaste; two days ago, I got to work with Fimo polymer clay and it's not something I'm used to, but I would definitely love to practiswe with it because unlike fondant, you can actually bake the figurine you created and keep it.  

This was my first try at making this type of figurine because I usually make cartoon characters like Mario, Yoshi, etc.  When I get the chance I'll post how I make 'em :)

Saturday, September 22, 2012

DIY Mid Century Dining Bench

Meet my DIY Mid Century dining bench.

I can't tell you how lucky I am to have a friend like Nancy.  She is uber talented!  About 3 weeks ago, she helped us build a Mid Century style dining bench for my boyfriend's condo.  But I'm not going to go into much detail about it because she actually blogged about it :)

Check out her blog alifedesigned for more info.  I'm telling you now, you are in for a treat.  She is a great blogger and uber creative :)

We are aiming for a Mid Century Modern look.  The place is currently a work in progress but I'll blog about it as soon as we get the major stuff done.  We are still waiting for the sofa, some art work, and also the office area that we are working on at the moment.  So, stay tuned!

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