Friday, November 30, 2012

Optimus Prime Cake

Transform and Roll Out!

I did this cake last year when my friend Nancy, approached me to make a cake for her Nephew. She told me he loves Optimus Prime so I brainstormed as usual and searched for inspiration online.  I might have looked at a couple hundred pictures online before I found the one that I thought would make a great example. I just love making figurines; that sculpting class back in highschool really helped a lot!

I am Optimus Prime!

I remember running back to Michaels on the day it was due to get a second batch of fondant because I ruined the first one as it didn't want to adhere to the cake that I made; I made chocolate icing that solidified in the fridge which gave me so much trouble the following day. I guess I added too much melted chocolate to the buttercream icing. Woops.

I managed to finish the cake so I was happy; I could have added more to the design if I didn't run into that problem! I'm pretty happy with how Optimus Prime turned out though; that alone took me 2 hours to make. Hehe. :)

If I were to do this cake again, I definitely would.  I'd make a few changes here and there; maybe add a Yellow VW (Bumble Bee) car strolling on the first tier.  Buuut, let's save that for a different event. :)

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